West East Reading Series [Virtual]


West East (W-E), Bicoastal Poets of the Pandemic and Beyond is excited to present readings by the poets Abdul Ali, Judith Kerman, and Susan Rich. Learn more and RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/events/1087058842019333


Revise, Review, Repeat


Revision is a necessary part of the writing process. This workshop is for poets who have a group of poems that they’d like to take to the next level and prepare to send out for publication in a literary journal, or perhaps a contest. You might also be working on a section of a manuscript.Continue reading "Revise, Review, Repeat"


Rekindling the Muse: A Mixed Genre Workshop


This one-hour generative workshop is ideal for those feeling “blocked” and uninspired. The workshop facilitator will present a number of exercises designed to get you writing but also sharing tips on how to overcome your “blocked” state. Leave the workshop with new pages of inspired writing that you can continue working on as you restartContinue reading "Rekindling the Muse: A Mixed Genre Workshop"